Come to the Hale Pau Hana, the Antidote for Stress

Published on:
August 17, 2022

Hale Pau Hana is built for relaxation. You might expect that from a place whose name means “House of No Work” in Hawaiian.

Washing Worries Away

Here, stresses dissolve with the smell of plumeria carried by gentle breezes and worries are washed away by the ocean waves that are just steps from your room.

Your feet should be up, resting comfortably on a lounge chair on the lawn. Your toes are supposed to be sandy after that quick walk to the beach. And make sure there’s a cold beverage close by!

Active Relaxation

For those who want to incorporate some activity into their relaxation, there are plenty of options as well.

Have a board meeting – paddleboard, surf board, wakeboard, whatever your speed may be! Want to spend your time under the water instead of on it? Snorkeling is an amazing way to see another side of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

 Photo courtesy @christinah412
 Photo courtesy @jeremiahgreenspoon

Soothing Sunsets

Whether you spent the day lounging or enjoying the many activities Maui has to offer, you’ll want to make sure you’re here when it’s time for the sun to go down!

“Sunset views were so fantastic that we didn’t dine out much because we didn’t want to miss sunsets on our balcony.”

— Quote courtesy of Maryann K.

The sunsets at Hale Pau Hana are not to be missed. The sky burns orange and purple and blue, as the sun slowly dissolves into the ocean waters.

No matter if you’re watching from your lanai, a lounge chair or the water’s edge, it is a spectacular site to behold. And there’s not a worry to be found!

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