Event policy

All events (defined as any gathering with more than 20 people) and corresponding details must be approved by the Hale Pau Hana AOAO board. Please complete the event request form (65k PDF) and provide to the facility manager.

“We loved the location. After driving around much of the island, I realized that I would not want to stay anywhere else on Maui.”— Deanna M.-G., July 2022


For the purposes of this policy, any gathering larger than 20 people shall be considered an event. No event may exceed a maximum person count of 50, except official Hale Pau Hana events.

House Rules

All existing Hale Pau Hana house rules must be reviewed and followed.


All event food must be prepared and served by a caterer/company licensed by Maui County. Food preparation will be completed off-site or within the confines of the unit; limited use of a BBQ is acceptable so long as it doesn’t impede normal use by others.


Any alcoholic beverages must be served by a company properly licensed for such by the state. The group is responsible for the proper and respectful behavior of attendees. No minor consumption is allowed according to local law.

Use of Grounds

No portion of the facility or grounds may be sectioned off for the event except as approved as part of the overall event plan. The group must leave standard lawn furniture (tables, chairs, etc) for other guests. The group is required to supply any furniture or equipment at their own cost. The general manager must be notified of any rental supply service delivering furniture to the facility.


All decorations and/or displays must not compromise public safety. Special effects such as smoke, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc are not permitted. No use of adhesives, balloons, glitter, rice, confetti, or similar materials is permitted. No open flames. Candles must be enclosed.

Noise Levels

Due to the small nature of our facility, noise levels must be minimized. The use of sound amplification equipment is not allowed, except that live or recorded music or entertainment is permitted only with prior written permission. In all cases, there may not be any noise that causes a disturbance to other residents.


No decoration or furnishing may block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits or lighting systems. All public walkways and thoroughfares (including shoreside public path and beach access) may not be impeded.


Daytime events must begin after noon and conclude by 4:30pm. Evening events must begin after 5:30pm and conclude by 10pm.


Parking is not guaranteed and is based on availability. Guests shall be encouraged to park on the street or across the road in the public lots.


All outside parties (decorators, caterers, bartenders, clowns, etc) must be approved prior to the event and must sign and deliver the applicable Certificate of Insurance.


The facility must be returned to its pre-event state. No trash or debris may be left behind; on-site dumpsters may be used with permission from the general manager. The furniture must be returned to its original layout.