House Rules

Hale Pau Hana is a condominium facility of individually-owned residential units. The owners want you to enjoy and treat the unit you have rented as if it were your “home away from home.” You should think of the people you meet here as your “neighbors.” Please be considerate of residents and guests!

“Everything is very well maintained and we were very pleased to be provided with all the useful items such as glass containers, beach chairs, games, books, snorkel gear, etc. It feels like home away from home.”— Sarah M., June 2022

No Smoking

Smoking (including tobacco, e-cigarettes, marijuana, etc) is not allowed within any unit, on the lanai, or anywhere on the property except at the designated smoking area and as permitted by law.

No “Holding” Lawn Furniture

Chairs, tables, and lounges are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please respect your fellow guests and do not “hold” the lawn furniture when you’re not actively using it. They are not to be taken down to the beach or off the premises.

Display Your Parking Permit

You will be provided with a parking permit on arrival. Please display at all times while on property. Vehicles without permits will be towed. One car per unit is allowed in the parking lot.

Keep Lanais & Walkways Clear

Do not hang anything (including beach towels and laundry) over the railings. Do not sweep, throw, or empty anything from the lanais, windows, or walkway railings.

Follow Swimming Pool Rules

Pool hours are 8am to 8pm. Note that there is no lifeguard on duty. All children (under 13) and non-swimmers must be accompanied by a responsible person within the pool enclosure.

Flotation devices allowed for infants, toddlers, and non-swimmers only; large flotation devices (boogie boards, inner tubes, etc) are not allowed. No food, drink, or glass is allowed.

Running, boisterous or rough play, and excessive noise is forbidden in the pool area. Sorry, no Marco Polo! Please read the complete rules posted at the pool.

No Animals Allowed

We do not allow pets or any type of animal on property, which includes emotional support animals. This applies to owners, registered guests, and visitors alike.

Trained service dogs are welcome. They must be kept on a leash or under voice command, and they must accompany their handler at all times. Guests are requested to communicate with management regarding acceptable service dog relief areas and disposal of waste.

Respect Quiet Hours

Specific quiet hours are between 8pm and 8am. At all times, please be considerate of residents and guests. Refrain from disturbing noises, excessively-loud gatherings, or any other acts which may interfere with the comfort of others.

Sound from televisions, radios, computers, games, and other sound systems may not travel beyond the unit. While enjoying music on the lawn or grounds, please use headphones.

Take Games to the Beach

Running, skateboarding, bicycling, etc on the sidewalks, walkways, and stairs is not allowed. All active or noisy activities (particularly involving anything “thrown or flown” like balls, frisbees, airplanes, etc) are to be conducted on the beach, not the grounds.

Children and your invited guests must be supervised at all times. Drones are not allowed on property and Hawaii law does not permit them to be launched from or landed on public beaches.

No Recreational Gear

Kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, surfboards, bicycles, beach umbrellas, and similar equipment are not to be used, assembled, repaired, or stored on Hale Pau Hana property or inside any unit.

Be Safe & Secure

We do not employ a security guard. For your safety and security, please lock all doors and windows while sleeping or away from your unit. Also close or secure windows to avoid damage from winds.

Respect the Ocean

We do not provide a lifeguard for the beach, however there is a County Lifeguard on the south end of the beach. Enter at your own risk! Please be careful of surf conditions, which may vary from day-to-day and hour-to-hour. Read any posted signs on or near the beach for your safety and be alert for warning flags which might indicate un safe swimming conditions.

Private Property

Visitors of owners and registered guests are allowed, though we reserve the right to ask any individual to leave the property for violation of house rules.