Practicing Mālama: How to Care for Your Home Away From Home

Published on:
June 15, 2022

The Hawaiian Islands are incredible. The diversity of flowers, the turquoise hue of the ocean, the sea turtles and whales, and the food keep our guests coming back time and time again. The locals know how important it is to care for their land and people, and like many island traditions this idea of care comes with its own Hawaiian word — Mālama. When you mālama, you care for, give back to, preserve, and protect. This includes the island, its people, its traditions, and more. It’s more important than ever to protect and preserve the magic of this place for future generations. Here’s how you can mālama Maui!

 Beach View Hale Pau Hana Kihei Maui Hawaii Photo courtesy @megdberry
Flower in Kihei Maui Hawaii at The Hale Pau Hana Photo courtesy @cjkramer81
Hotel Condo Balcony Unit in The Hale Pau Resort  Photo courtesy @jenniferf
Swimming Pool The Hale Pau Hana Resort Kihei, Hi, USA Photo courtesy @thehalepauhana

Mālama The Property

In a world of big resorts and crowds, it’s pretty special that a place like Hale Pau Hana still exists. The laid back vibe, the relaxed atmosphere of shared spaces on the lawn and at the grills, and access to the best beach in South Kihei is something we don’t take for granted. For over 50 years guests and staff alike have cultivated this classic and classy culture by spreading the aloha spirit and caring for their home away from home. Here’s how you can mālama during your visit!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You likely bring along reusable bags to the grocery store and recycle at home — you can do that on Maui as well! Let the front desk staff know that you’re interested in recycling during your stay and they’ll give you all the details on how. For more information about reducing your trash when traveling, go here.

Pick Up The Beach

It goes without saying that you should clean up your shady spot after a day of relaxing on the beach. And if you can stop and grab that candy wrapper out of the sand during your morning stroll, that’s even better! We all know that Kamaole Beach II is the best beach in South Kihei, and the resident turtles and fish will thank you!

Use Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Speaking of our friendly honu, did you know that Hawaii’s coral reefs and underwater critters are harmed by chemicals found in most sunscreens? Learn more here and make the switch to a reef-friendly brand.  

Spread That Aloha Spirit!

When you arrive you’ll find a Guide to Aloha in your room and we encourage you to give it a read. We want everyone to enjoy their stay, so whether your idea of vacation is napping under a quiet palm or watching your kids take their first plunge in the pool, these tips will help everyone enjoy their little slice of paradise.

Swimming pool condo resort the hale pau hana kihei maui hawaii Photo courtesy @heathrides
relaxing on maui, the hale pau hana resort Photo courtesy @janetgilmore12
a couple in kihei maui hawaii Photo courtesy @jessvanl
group picture kihei maui hawaii Photo courtesy @trixywixy73
child at the hale pau hana resort kihei, hi, usa Photo courtesy @stefpar
hawaiian clothes at the hale pau hana condo resort Photo courtesy @bobk

Mālama The Island

The list of reasons to visit Maui is a long one. The warm tropical air, the clear and clean ocean waters, and the incredible history and culture are just a few of the things that will keep you coming back. Guess who else loves all these things about island living? The locals! Hawaii has diverse cultural communities, and many families have lived here for generations.

Learn About The History & Culture

Maui is more than just beaches and Mai Tais — although we encourage you to enjoy those as well! The history and culture is extraordinary, and learning a bit of both will give you a more respectful and authentic experience. Get a primer here before your trip, and visit the Maui Arts & Cultural Center during your stay.  And don’t forget to learn a little Hawaiian before you come. A little “aloha” and “mahalo” can go a long way!

Leave A Better Trace

Did you know that it’s illegal to remove lava rock from Maui? Not only does it impact the island ecology, it may also bring you bad luck. Best to leave it where you found it! There are many sacred sites on the island, deeply held beliefs about how the land should be treated, and ongoing environmental efforts. Be sure to educate yourself before you head out on a day of adventure, or better yet, hire a guide.

Buy Local

Need groceries, souvenirs, a t-shirt for the grandkids, or that perfect piece of art for your wall at home? Help boost the economy by shopping Maui-made. Here are some tips on where to find local food and art.

Tip Well

Living in Hawaii is expensive. Keep in mind that many residents rely on the tourism industry to pay their bills, and cost of living on the islands is very high. Factor tipping generously into your travel budget. This includes wait staff, tour guides, housekeeping, and drivers. If you aren’t sure when or how much to tip, check out this quick guide.

Roll Up Your Sleeves & Volunteer

Ready to do more? There are many organizations that are more than happy to put you to work and offer volunteer opportunities for every ability. Get out there and explore the island — and leave it better than you found it — by giving your time to one of these great organizations on Maui.

Mālama The Island maui, hawaii Photo courtesy @nathandclements
Canoeing Kihei Maui Hawaii Art by Jeanne Bitz Young
Maui Culture Hawaii Photo courtesy @kmlill
Beautiful leaf Hawaii Photo courtesy @nathandclements

Mahalo for learning how to mālama! Ready to come care for your home away from home? Start planning here!

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