Becoming a Part of the Hale Pau Hana Community

Published on:
June 9, 2022

Once you’ve visited Hale Pau Hana, you become part of our ‘ohana. It is a shared experience, one that binds people together whether they’ve been there once or for generations.

For people who’ve experienced our little slice of Maui, when they aren't here in person it remains fresh in their memories. A picture can take us back to a place along the water where we love to watch the sun set, or the lanai where we can see whales using the ocean as their playground.

Sharing Memories

One way many of our guests stay connected to Hale Pau Hana, no matter where in the world they may be from, is through our Facebook and Instagram pages. There, they can see photos and videos from our guests that remind us of a time and place where incredible memories are made.

“I always remember the peaceful times over there.”

— Stephen Reczek via Instagram

 Photo courtesy @audkace
 Photo courtesy @madxiii

Sharing Familiar Favorites

As an example, recently we asked our Facebook followers where they’d rather spend their time: sitting under an umbrella on the beach or reclining in a lounge chair on the lawn under the shade of a palm tree?

A lounge chair under a palm tree was a resounding favorite. But others found an even better solution:

“Both!! Love them both and can’t wait to do it again!”

— Michelle Peacey via Facebook

 Photo courtesy @cexarhos
 Photo courtesy @rellimchir

Sharing the Anticipation

Social media not only helps guests who’ve been here before reconnect, it also builds excitement for those on their way! Many posts are from people counting down the number of days until they get to Hale Pau Hana.

“We will be staying here for the first time in July! We can’t wait!!! By all the beautiful pictures, I think we made the right choice!!”

— Jamie Norton via Facebook

Come Join Us!

No matter whether you’ve been a guest before or you might be in the future, we love to stay connected with our ‘ohana.

If we can’t see you in person soon, we hope to share the aloha spirit with you on Instagram or Facebook!

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